Archer Integration

Customer Testimonials

Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

“I chose to work with Archer Integration because of their reputation for being a full service, ethical and highly personalized IT company. There were other companies to select from in the Richmond area but after spending adequate time on the phone with each company, I knew that Archer would provide the level of service and advanced technology that is required for a growing non-profit, healthcare organization. I remain pleased with the decision I made to partner with them over 5 years ago.

Archer Integration has taken the time to truly understand the growing needs of our business and provide reliable suggestions for the type of equipment required for our size organization. Their knowledge, security expertise and forward-thinking IT solutions have given me a "peace of mind" as technology progresses within our business society. Through the years, all of the projects Archer Integration has completed have been quoted accurately and delivered to us within the promised time. I will continue to highly recommend their services without hesitation.”
Pamela Harris, President, Caring Voice Coalition


“When we were looking for the right IT firm to partner with, our main objective was to find one company with knowledge of AutoCAD applications used by the architects as well as administrative software used for accounting, marketing and general office applications. Our relationship with Archer is seamless — it's like they are in the building and on staff. We have relied on their advise in purchasing equipment, back-up systems, internet access, telecommunications system, security system, as well as installation and maintenance of multiple software applications and maintenance of our entire network. They understand and are sensitive to the fact that a disabled computer or network system could be detrimental to a deadline or project schedule — and they respond accordingly.”
Jennifer Johnson, Ballou Justice Upton Architects

Law Firm

“Archer’s technicians are extremely knowledgeable, and we fully rely on their expertise. We always receive prompt responses to any requests for service, and the staff goes out of its way to address any questions or concerns in a courteous and professional manner. It is a pleasure to work with each person at Archer.”
Beverly E. Crockett, The Conrad Firm, P.C.

Law Firm

“Our law firm, like many businesses, needs reliable network and desktop solutions. And we just don’t need good service, we expect exceptional service. That’s why we rely upon Archer Integration for our IT needs. Whether it’s purchasing new equipment, maintaining our network or answering a service call, Archer Integration provides outstanding service. They have been our IT service provider for 6 years and I would highly recommend Archer for your IT needs.”
Michael Lafayette
Lafayette, Ayers & Whitlock, PLC

Commercial and Industrial Air Handling Provider

“It is invaluable to be able to conduct daily business without having to deal with computer issues of any kind. Archer does a great job of staying in the background while ensuring proper functionality of our IT systems. From hardware to backup software, they have streamlined our entire IT system and provided us with piece of mind knowing or system is in good hands.”
Guy W. Schiavone, Prime-Air Products

Law Firm

“The best thing I can say about Archer is that I do not think about them. The other day I was in the copy room when it dawned on me that for the first time that I could remember no one in my firm had an IT issue. I am extremely pleased with Archer Integration and appreciate not having to think about my IT issues so that I can concentrate on my clients.”
Matt Danielson, McGrath & Danielson (Tom McGrath's Motorcycle Law Group)

Medical Practice

“In 2010, we needed to move from a part time IT person to a team of professionals who were available when needed. Archer Integration has created a stable IT environment for our medical practice. Their knowledge and understanding of our requirements has been instrumental in our purchases of servers and other hardware, software and back-up system. They are responsive to our needs and recognize the urgency of our ability to continue to see patients if we encounter computer problems.”
Elizabeth H. Cifers, MBA, MSW, CPC, OCS Administrator, Retina Institute of Virginia, PLLC

Commercial Printer

“Archer Integration has been our IT vendor for around 10 years and working with them is a pleasure. Archer has been spot on in finding solutions for Carter Printing’s IT needs. They take ownership of their work, and more importantly, they back up what they say. Our large printing operation utilizes many servers, print-related devices, clients (both PC and Mac), switches, firewalls and many differing software programs, most of which are industry specific. At times, Archer is asked to contact other Carter vendors for the purpose of research in order to obtain insight on how things will work that must integrate with other IT-related services already in place. That is the integration you can come to expect — getting things done right from the start. At Archer, all the folks take an ownership approach to our IT needs and it’s nearly like our own staff. Archer Integration is an IT firm you can rely on.”
Daniel J. Kelliher, Vice President
Carter Printing Company

Law Firm

“The team at Archer Integration has the experience and knowledge to tackle even the most complex technology challenges. I sleep much better at night knowing that they have my back.”
Robert Katherman, Moran Reeves & Conn PC